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a tradıtıonal rug shop


At Village Uncommon we strive to share the culture of vintage rugs for what they are. A reflection of history and people's shared world, vintage rugs are very alive and indespensable when it comes to creating a coherent space. The traditional 'rug shop' was a place of gathering where rug enthusiasts, repairers, shop owners, family and friends gathered on account of handmade rugs. Rugs are considered an object of beauty as well as a connection to the past. In the older parts of the world rugs have brought people together; in homes and public places. Based in Istanbul/Turkey and Portland/Maine we want to keep this old tradition alive by bringing people and vintage handmade rugs together in one space. Working side by side with the best artisans in Turkey we care for vintage rugs, wash them, look after them and prepare them for their next journey - from our shop to your space. Every week we share pieces that we believe represents the art of vintage handmade rugs well. If you happen to be in Istanbul at some point come and say hi to us at our physical location.