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We accept returns. We ONLY accept returns if the item you receive is damaged during shipping. Exporting rugs from Turkey is very easy but importing them back is very difficult (at times impossible) due to customs regulations and bureaucracy. When we sell a rug we are exporting it, when we accept a return we have to import it back into Turkey. Please measure your space carefully and look at the photos provided in detail. Do not hesitate to ask for more photos of the products. Unfortunately we CANNOT accept returns based on complaints such as the rug not really working or it being too big or small for your space. Please keep in mind that we are a small business run by only two people.


Every rug is unique. All of our rugs are one of a kind pieces. When you purchase a rug, you get the rug that you see; not a rug like it, not a version of it but the photographed rug itself. Due to the vintage and handmade nature of our rugs, it is very difficult to find a certain rug you like in different colors or sizes. The best way to go about buying a rug is, once deciding on the size of the rug you would like to buy, looking through pictures of rugs that size and trying to find the right color and vibe for your home. If you would like our help on this matter, do not hesitate to send us photos of the space you are considering to purchase a rug for and we would happily help you choose the right rug for your space.


Colors of rugs will look different on different screens. The photos we take are very accurate representations of our rugs. We put in extra effort to photograph our rugs in the most accurate way possible. There are no filters on images or no color editing. Whether you are looking at a rug you would like to purchase on a laptop or desktop screen, a smartphone or tablet; you will realize colors looks slightly different. This is the nature of rug purchasing online. It is also important to note that colors of rugs look slightly different from room to room. The dominant color of the room, the color of the floors, furniture, the amount of sunlight a room gets will bring forth different characters of a handmade rug. These being said, a handmade rug has a natural tendency to fit the setting they are used in.


Our rugs are measured exactly. The measurements are in feet and inches. If you like measurements in different units let us know and we can help you.


All rugs ship from Istanbul / Turkey.

Please allow us 1 - 3 days to prepare your order for orders.

Once we ship your package we will send you the tracking number. We ship with UPS or FedEx.


We only accept returns if the rug was damaged during shipping. In this case, the customer needs to photograph the package before opening it to prove it was damaged and send the photo when they request to return the rug. We will send them detailed information on where to send the rug with specific instructions.


Please contact us for any questions!