PERGAMON - 6'8'' X 10'11''

PERGAMON - 6'8'' X 10'11''


Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

Technique: Hand Woven

Material: Wool

Region: Western Turkey

Name: Pergamon

Size: 6’8’’ X 10’11’’

Age: 60 - 70 years

This is a vintage kilim rug from western Turkey. Kilim rugs are wool handwoven rugs and they do not have a pile. This kilim rug has repeating motifs in its field. Symbols and motifs used on kilim rugs set them aside from other handmade rugs. We know from ancient cave drawings and later on pottery as well as various kinds of handmade art; symbols have played a vital role in the lives of our ancestors. Different motifs have been used to represent different states of a person's life, their feelings, thoughts and wishes. Although we can not fully grasp meanings of symbols that kilim rugs display since our lives are not tied to this kind of symbolism anymore, the art form carried on kilims serves a s medium that connects us to our ancestral roots. 

Earthy tones dominate the color range on this kilim tug. Western kilims are prominent with their warm color tones. Three lines of diamond shapes embellish the field. While the three rows in the middle are complete, ones on the sides are half. The symbol growing from one center is star. It represents fertility and happiness. The field design is bordered with repeating ram's horn motifs on the two ends.

Colors: asparagus, maroon, burgundy, ruby red, almond, cerulean, baby blue, white, tan, salmon, onyx

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