HEIDRUN - 3'6'' X 7'0''

HEIDRUN - 3'6'' X 7'0''


Vintage Turkish Rug

Technique: Hand Knotted

Material: Wool

Region: Southeast Turkey

Size: 3’6’’ X 7’0’’

Age: 60 - 70 years

About this rug,

Rugs from Southeast Turkey stand out with their color and design. Symbols are bold and colors lively in rugs of this region. The tribal style of this rug reminds us of Herki rugs, which we think this rug is cousins with. However, this rug has a fuller pile than a herki rug. The dimensions are more like what we would find on a Central Anatolian rug. When a woman marries a man out of her village hybrid rugs come to life carrying characteristics of more than one region. This rug could be the product of such an experience. The field has three medallions two of which have clear borders and the one in the middle is almost transparent. Colors are rich and vibrant. The field is surrounded by a border with triangles.

Colors: vermilion, pink, olive, bistre, ivory, light coral, terra cota.

All of our rugs are handmade using traditional methods and natural materials.

Our photos are taken in natural light and there is very little to no color editing on photos. The very little editing is done to reflect the truecolors of the rug.


All of our rugs are shipped from İstanbul / Turkey via UPS or FedEx with air freight.

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