Technique: Hand Woven

Material: Wool

Region: Caucasus

Size: 6.1 X 10.3

Age: 38 years old

About this rug,

This rug is a Caucasian 'soumak' with a traditional design and colors. The region this Soumak comes from usually uses tones of blue and red on their rugs. When we say Soumak, it points to a woven textile, just like a kilim however the weaving technique used is different. Soumaks are very common in the Caucusus and some regions in Eastern Turkey. The most interesting thing about this rug is the thing that catches the eye first; the date on it. The year '1980' is woven in the center giving us a certain year for for which this Soumak was made. Three large medallions, such as on this one, is a broadly favored design in the Soumaks of the Caucasus. Derived from very old designs, this Soumak is a great gateway between the old times and 80's. While the design is traditional, the colors are what we see on 80's rugs. Bird figures are common in Caucasian Soumaks and this Soumak pays its respects to its tradition in this sense.

Colors: monza, dark green, black, selective yellow, dark slate blue. Our photos are taken in natural light and there is very little to no color editing on photos. The very little editing is done to reflect the true colors of the rug.


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