DARDANELLES - 5'7'' X 11'1''

DARDANELLES - 5'7'' X 11'1''


Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

Technique: Hand Woven

Material: Wool

Region: Central Turkey

Name: Dardanelles

Size: 5’7’’ X 11’1’’

Age: 70 - 80 years

This is a vintage kilim rug from western Turkey. Kilim rugs are wool handwoven rugs and they do not have a pile. This kilim rug has repeating motifs in its field. The main repeating motif is 'ram's horn. Ram's horn are the motifs with two curved endings and designed as a symmetrical reflection of itself. Ram's horn respresents power and fertility. Symbols on kilim rugs such as this one have been used by people for many millenia. The border is embellished with a different representation of the ram's horn symbol. Earthy tones dominate the color range. 

Colors: onyx, amethyst, maroon, olive, persimmon

All of our rugs are handmade using traditional methods and natural materials.

Our photos are taken in natural filtered light and there is very little to no color editing on photos. The very little editing is done to reflect the truecolors of the rug.


All of our rugs are shipped from İstanbul / Turkey via UPS or FedEx with air freight.

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