CLOTHO - 3'6'' X 6'2''

CLOTHO - 3'6'' X 6'2''


Vintage Turkish Rug

Technique: Hand Woven

Material: Wool

Region: Western Turkey

Size: 3’6’’ X 6’2’’

Age: 30 - 40 years

About this rug,

This is a handknotted Turkish rug that originated in western Turkey, specifically around the city Balıkesir. The so called 'Yagcibedir' rugs, due to their region (the village they are made in) carry similar design elements. Eventhough this specific rug is a Yagcibedir rug as well, the colors the weaver chose while weaving this rug makes this rug a quite unique piece. Yagcibedir rugs are usually in color tones of red and dark blue. This rug does not conform to its region's common colors and we are not sure if that made her an outcast or a desired piece; but she is definitely a very much loved member of our shop.

Colors: seashell, sangria, tenne, teal.

All of our rugs are handmade using traditional methods and natural materials.

Our photos are taken in natural light and there is very little to no color editing on photos. The very little editing is done to reflect the truecolors of the rug.


All of our rugs are shipped from İstanbul / Turkey via UPS or FedEx with air freight.

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