ASSOS - 3'9'' X 6'4''

ASSOS - 3'9'' X 6'4''


Vintage Turkish Rug

Technique: Hand Knotted

Material: Wool

Region: Eastern Turkey

Size: 3’9’’ X 6’4’’

Age: 50 - 60 years

Rugs from Eastern Turkey stand out with their unique designs and colors. They have more of a tribal look compared to rugs from other regions of Turkey. Especially rugs from the city of Kars such as this one have bold symbols, a very high quality wool and dazzling colors. This rug has a very simple design, making it an extremely interesting piece. The rectangle like motifs are surrounded by diamond shaped motifs and this intertwined symbol is repeated throughout the field. The border is embellished with the star symbol connected with triangles and lines.

Colors: maroon, bistre, khaki, deep pink, almond white, silver.

All of our rugs are handmade using traditional methods and natural materials.

Our photos are taken in natural light and there is very little to no color editing on photos. The very little editing is done to reflect the truecolors of the rug.


All of our rugs are shipped from İstanbul / Turkey via UPS or FedEx with air freight.

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