Based in Istanbul / Turkey and Portland / Maine, Village Uncommon brings you each one of them picked by hand vintage and antique rugs. When choosing our rugs we take into consideration the colors, materials used, production methods, the condition of the rug and the region. All the rugs we pick were made using the highest quality materials used in its region and production era. We give the utmost importance to choosing the rugs that were made using traditional methods. 

Many years of use may cause defects on rugs. Therefore we work with the best artisans in Turkey to get the necessary parts of our rugs repaired. This way, the new owners of our vintage and antique rugs can enjoy the beauty and character that comes with them as well as owning a piece of handmade art in the best condition it can be found in our present day. 

All of our rugs are professionally cleaned and ready to be enjoyed in your spaces. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our rugs.